To write a topic of the day, I am at least trying
For it I am physically fit and not yet crying;
But the topic of the day must be ready by Monday
For inspection by my new art teacher
Who thinks I am only a dreamer and a bird watcher.
At least she thinks something about me might get better.
She is trying to teach us theatrical games
But my aim was to write only one thousand poems
Although, again, I forgot her unusual name.
While I am trying to write the topic of the day,
My cat wanted to play without delay;
I told her, "Go away, go away.
Don't diddle me in your own way,
I cannot stop writing the topic of the day.
You must be patient till the end of theatrical essay,
Or just wait five more days until Monday.”
But the stubborn cat didn't go away;
What else can a softy-man say?
Her understanding of English is just like mine;
It's not her fault, the tricky language even cracks my mind.
Still a few clever people use it, writing divine or swine,
Too high or too low, the lingo is not in my mind.
My cat and I keep our chat on a normal line.
Topical, theatrical things are not my kind;
By mistake I find myself in the acting line.
While the uneducated, innocent cat is crying,
It is not fair to carry on the topical trying.
I cannot betray her for the topic of the day,
So I gave up writing a theatrical essay.
Who cares what others are going to say?
There are so many more days for a simple essay;
Let's go to the garden and start to play.