"... the work is mature, the language musical. Every piece seems created and crafted with  care. It is almost composed rather than written."

Mark Sykes, Editor-in-Chief, Athena Press


Tony Kaplan has written more than 1500 poems from 1995 to 2006. He is the author of the following poetry books, all published in London:   

Runaway Dreams 
113 Pages
Destined to No Where
95 Pages
Moon Tower
160 Pages
Blue Glazed Eyes
250 Pages
The November Tree
350 Pages

Tony Kaplan’s poetry books are available more than 80 universities worldwide (40 UK), American, European, African, and Far East universities, and some UK libraries. He lives in Wimbledon, London. 

13 January 2005
Dear Tony Kaplan,
Thank you for Blue Glazed Eyes which, at last (and perhaps reluctantly!)I’m going to give to the College Library. There are some wonderful life affirming poems here; also some humorous ones (actually a lovely, human humour runs through the book); and a very attractive, personal, philosophical power of gazing, of absorbing, of sharing what you see. I think it’s the book of a natural, appreciative philosopher always poised (or nearly always posed) on the edge of laughter. Everything in your borderless vision is indeed possible. And more power to your elbow.
Thank you again for your generosity, and good luck to your writing and your life. I am giving your letter (as well as your book) to the library folk, and will tell them to contact you.
Kind Regards
Prof. Brendan Kennelly

A catalogue record for ‘Blue Glazed Eyes’ and ‘The November Tree’ are available from the British Library, and over 30 more testimonials are available online