I can hardly distinguish, is it day or night?
I am under the shining moonlight.
A delightful life reigns at the seaside,
The moon's muteness, the sea and me,
I am ready for my moon voyage on the seven seas.

Stretching out as far as eyes can see,
I am on the top of the hill above the sea.
Sea and sky are quiet... quiet like me;
Both of them are calling for me.

The mirrored moon is in the sea;
My feeling is so deep and so high.
Stars are my destiny; I am ready to run;
I have a crescent heart under the sun

The wonder of nature is for me great fun;
Tonight it is void and peaceful, no one cries.
The moon is shining in the sea with a star-filled sky.
My fear is that between the moon and sea, the dreamless lie,
The wonder of a mysticism in the muteness of the night.
My own sea, sky and moonlight!
There is no devil, no angel to fight;
They only reign to make me peaceful all night.
At last a great night I enjoy under the moonlight,
Deep down the running sea under the moon.
As a wanderer passing through,
I am watching their ceremony with a heavenly boon.

The world is my home, the moon my roof;
The moon and the sea are having a real honeymoon.
One more wanderer will join them soon.
I like to watch the sea and moon on their honeymoon.