One more journey on the ferry:
Ferry already flying over the sea
That has made me somehow feel free.
But my escaping freedom who will see
While everyone is searching for their own destiny
In the middle of the rainy Baltic Sea.

Let’s give a chance to my sea-escaping freedom,
This may get rid of my yesterday glooms,
While having a cup of tea it may turn into blooms.
There is a possibility the tea lady may understand me,
I will make peace with the tea lady, sky and sea.
What is ever going to be?
Still I like this unpredictable journey.
But a spying odd man said,
“Don’t waste time with the faith,
Those three things sounding like the Trinity.
Instead of old fashioned things,
Why not try to love me?”

Should I stay as quiet as the Dead Sea
Or become as horny as a Viking warrior?
The quietness makes me feel near enough to dead,
Dreaming of action makes me mad
If there is nothing else happening with this journey,
Nevertheless I’ve got rainy sky, calm sea.
One cries, one loves, the other understands me a bit
But a little understanding is never good enough for me.