I am trying to understand what life can teach
In a hotel room at Brighton beach.
While you are so close, love is maybe in my reach,
My earthly dream needs a heavenly bridge.
But you are in your deep dark sleep,
Without you I am having a tantalizing trip.
Even so your up-and-down friendship, I try to keep.
Under the cryptic sky on this blackening sea
I am imagining the dawn light to see,
Seeing you as fruitless, but still a blossoming tree
Without a honeybee, even the blooming tree
The fruit of love never, ever see.
My confused love is hoping to become free. is
While I am sky high and ocean deep
Watching you on this darkest still sea.
Wondering about our love; how shallow, how deep?
Still you are in your dreamless loveless sleep,
Gazing at the starless sky and strange deep sea,
Trying to understand how a deep love can be.
Forcing my eyes to see the surface of the sea,
Only one thing I can see, your naked seducing beauty.
Beside your love-making body, loneliness in my sight
Wondering alone in the dark long night.
How could I wake you to put my dream in order?
Goodness, happiness, madness are without border.
You are a walking, talking, sleeping beauty,
What a pity, you never see me.
Somehow I am still strangely happy
But, happy or sad, there is a revolt in me.

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