My playful friend said, “Go to Costa have a plateful of pasta”.
So I went to Costa having lunch and afternoon fiesta
When I’m in pasta-eating mood, my day gets smooth
But Costa’s staff said, that “don’t be daft:
You make us laugh; we are only light-duty staff.

Nevertheless, we are the best serve you little, little cakes,
Even they look like artificial sins, but they are not fakes
If one cake is not enough for you, take ten for heaven’s sake.
If you talk to us all the time smooth, we know you are good
Then we serve you an Italian café with a free English toffee.
This is only just beginning of the well-being therapy
As you can see in here, most ladies legs look good
But they only look for handsome men who talk all smooth.

These ladies attack to men only in the woods
If the men have something in the boot and root
While our customers are in such a romantic mood
This makes us feel sarcastically good.
A few of our customers are dentally, mentally wrong
We always treat them with Costa’s hot romantic song
Even with the mad people we have a humanist bond.
Our innovative company with our customers so fair
Why we invented for depressed customers’ bottom lifting chair.
Plus we serve cups of coffee with twenty jam tarts
To the lady who weighs twenty stones without bones
Unfortunately all our customers are not so smart
Most smell of perfume, some smell of natural farts.
Nevertheless air-condition clear both; perfumes and farts
Only a few tarts but we work hard to make Costa-people smart.

One of our part-time, tart-time staff, she never laughs,
Other times; she said, she does a bit of witchcraft
Who treat quietly seating, inactivated man as daft.
Unfortunately she is a bit rough, that is only our gaffe
Otherwise we are wise, all customers realize
Only one naff can’t do us much harm,
While we are showing off with all our charm.

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