Saying it might be silly,
But there was a typical English family,
An Alsatian dog, a man and his wife,
In the living room having a cosy life.
That lasted until the dog did a quiet fart.
The wife asked, “What do you think Martin?
This smell seems to me like someone’s been farting”.

The man got upset and said to the dog,
“I will kick your bottom, I am the boss in this room
About who can, or cannot, do that sort of thing.
Go out, stay there for one week!
You are badly behaved, a smelly cheek.”

The dog moaned, “I have an animal right.
However, I will obey your unjust order.
What about you’re farting every day?
Therefore I will stay out for the night
Which gives me a bit of human right
I did not mean to be rude,
But you gave me smelly food.
I tried my best to make it smooth.”

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