Dear Tony,

Thanks for your email. I'm glad you like my booklet. I think you might like the last poem especially. It is from my heart. I like your poems very much. I don't think they are poor at all. They are very rich in humour, rhyme and human truth.
For example, - the phrase 'goody, moody Christian' I can read in two different ways.

'Poor and rich' is very flattering to me, but in general I don't think I can teach you much. You have found your own creative wellspring, and are writing fresh and powerful poems.
I like the range of subjects in your book, and I especially the poems about being inspired: The Moon Tower, or many other poems about writing poetry, like The Cheap Living. I also like the story poems, The Preaching Lady, for example.

Good luck. I am writing my PhD, and I will put you on my mailing list for any readings I do in London.

Very best wishes,
Naomi from Brighton, UK