Thank you for your semi-historic letter
Only your dream makes me better.
You are asking me if I am all right,
Without you day and night
In the darkness, in the light
I cannot be all right.
Waiting for you every day
Somehow, someway, I may say,
Killing night, killing day.
But I didn't lose all my might
Even in the darkest night.
I am with your dream; you are in my sight
So I don't need any artificial light.
When day is here, I pay for my dream-journey fare.
But the broken-down bus goes nowhere,
Waiting forever is not fair.
So I look up to the sky but stars do not care
They are busy with their own heavenly affair.
Nothing else I can do, besides dreaming of you
So I watch the world with my monkey eyes,
Trying to get the life-saving advice.
My life goes like this,
Day and night, I miss your kiss
That makes me wonder in the mist.
But the loving man must be strong
Without a letter, a call, the night drags along.
When the sun kills the night at dawn’s light,
Still my might is fighting and strong,
One more dream-killing night has gone.
That is why I am singing the morning song,
I am hoping you don't get me wrong.
If I am a winner, loser either in love or in fear,
I wanted to put it in writing, my dream so clear.
If this is not waking you up, my dear,
I will write it again and again to make it clear.