A busload of people some are talking,
Some are quiet, some others sulking. claptrap
Suddenly, a loud sound boomed from a mobile phone.
Most kept quiet, a few said it is wrong.
A young Italian man starts talking loudly.
Comparing him with other talking people seems silly;
Competing with him no one did try.
I tried to understand him willy-nilly.

I wondered if he was talking to his girlfriend,
Or is he talking to another talkative Italian man?
Why not learn something, before my journey comes to an end?
That was my curiosity, to understand people’s necessity.
As it happens my new hobby is searching for the noisiest nation,
This may become my latest passion,
Which may turn into a secret international qualification.

I am supposed to get out at the last bus stop.
The mystery of fast talking Italian I can’t cope.
What a strong chattering noise he is making.
He deserves to become a noisemaker king.
Three-dozen people are quietly listening to him,
Even gym-lovers and activated Kim
Some hoping that if he lost all his energy,
Then the bus would become quiet and serene,
But his strong voice maybe indulging with sin
Before the peoples’ patience had run out,
He suddenly started speaking in English.

“Anthony, come join with me on the bus thirty three,
To show that the best language, comes from the best country,
While people are quietly, rightly watching me;
Let’s show everyone our chattering skill with fun.”
Then a lady bursts in, “One Italian is enough,
Two Italians make us more murmuringly daff.”
“Without understanding your gaffe, how can we laugh?”
My name is Kim; I wish to get slim, going to the gym.
In the gym the noise pollution policy strictly applies;
It even forbids Italians-style lies.
But body language is a passion, you don’t have to cry,
If you are brave, come and join our active team in the gym.
The gym makes you quiet and secretive like the Mafia.
Then you may quietly sing Mama Mia.”
The man said, “You are all right; I’m not going to fight,
I will give you relaxation before the destination
For the sake of my peaceful nation,
For the next forty seconds I will be quiet.”