Just before the sun went down;
I was watching heaven’s rim to find a dream
It was the end of one more motionless day,
Somehow I felt happiness was not far away.

I started to sing a delightful song
In my deep voice and earth-loving tone.
The neighbours asked, “What is wrong?”
I gave them an answer, which didn't take long:
“For the world's sake, I am singing a love song;
Do you think something’s wrong with my heavenly bond?”
For the faint-hearted it may be too strong,
But the love in it kept me singing on.
I didn't watch T.V. or answer the phone,
Then I realized with my star-gazing eyes
The sun already had long been gone
But its X-ray was still in my bone.

While I was singing and watching the moon-lit sky,
My voice reached star high
But there was no heavenly reply
My appeal was lost in the deepening sky,
Still I did not give up my tantalizing try.
While I was passing by, the moon gave me a reply,
“This try for you, may be an everlasting freedom;
Let's put it in with rhyme and rhythm.

Are you searching for paradise's key?
This is an astonishing try under the mystical sky.
Even if you don't get a celestial reply,
Be happy with your love-cry.
Heaven knows why your dream is not going to die.”
While my neighbours and darkness were sleeping,
Before I went further into my dream-searching trip
The moon gave me one more enlightening tip -
What I should throw away, what I should keep.
After the moony-advice, from my earth-watching eyes
Rain started dripping, becoming a pouring shower
While I was singing on the moon tower
The ocean said, "Come on in,
You will never need a showy thing,
You will be my gale King,
Share my mystery, share my kin,
Use my water to wash man’s sin,
Self-realisation is the greatest thing.
You will be the dream-maker King."