Don't just think about the money,
Garlic is better than honey.
For the sake of your own sanity
Think about the Garlic Lovers’ Society.
The dark side of your brain will get moony
And most things will go funny,
Winter, summer, both will be sunny.
You don't need any more money.
When you are in the society
You can show your exciting singularity.

At the beginning, all great ideas
May seem a bit funny and tiny
But garlic works better than the European Community.
Without using a Japanese lifting fork,
Let's get on with take-it-easy British work.
Dracula is waiting with teeth like a fork,
Without garlic you should not eat foreign pork.

Garlic will vitalise your disorderly genes,
Fight for you and win.
Without a garlic a day
No one knows where you have been,
Even you cannot enjoy a harmless, joyful sin.
Health, heart and brain (if you have one)
And other most exciting things,
Garlic lovers know what I mean.

Garlic smells better than Channel No 5;
A good money-saving scheme for a fashionable wife.
If you eat a garlic-clove a day
You will feel you are going the right way.
If you eat two garlic cloves a day
You will see green all the way.
If you eat more than two cloves of garlic a day,
You will show your healthy legs up to the Milky Way;
Flexible legs, what else can I say?
While flying, you cannot walk away,
But the Milky Way's a bit far away.
Better start with a silky milky bar
Inside your broken-down car.
If you eat more garlic and a chocolate bar
Your dream moves faster than your car.
Don't forget, Dracula is not far away.

After dieting with garlic and chocolate bars
You may become a Hollywood star.
Garlic beers are brewing at the end of the Broadway.
Special chatting at Merton’s Poets bird-watching day
The great society is in the making,
The excitement is enough to send you shaking,
It depends which part of your body is waking.
Natural smelly love from the Garlic Lovers’ Society.