You got a new job that gave you great hope,
Only yesterday it made you so happy,
But now you start thinking if I lost the job
As a jobless person again, how can I cope?

An army of ifs occupies your fiddling brain.
After one-day’s happiness, all your hopes are in vain
Your iffy life create for you an endless strife
Which has turned a bright day into dark nights.
Those ifs are obstacles and your mischief,
Why not throw away the mystery of ifs as an unwanted gift.
To philosophers or others who have no beliefs

Instead of believing those ifs as heavenly gifts,
Be happy with the little simple things. Through throw away
Therefore, conquer the happiness like an immortal king.
You have bread, you have butter, and tomorrow will be better.
Love animals, plants, and people, admire your father and mother.
Sooner or later tomorrow belongs to believers.