Yesterday’s mysterious stories are chanting in my chest.
After thousands of years struggling and searching
Chinese found communism the best, against the West.
From Shanghai to Beijing the train is moving in darkness
You cannot see the countryside but only feel free to guess.
There is no moon, no stars either whispering holy-rain
My instincts are great but failing is my brain.
While travelling segregated in four classes,
But still it’s a communist state train
It’s not easy to explain the dark night is lurking over my brain
Nevertheless my journey will not be in vain,
Still studying The East and The West for knowledge to gain.

But people are saying: “This kind of writing and sighting
Without money, could make you forever funny,
Communism does not need a political nanny
In the moonless and starless night how could you be moony?
Even thinking about an earthly heavenly mystery
It is against the communist party’s commanding theory,
Which will make communist doctrine vain
Besides shackle and chains what else you will gain?”

Still the reality is there, a journey with four different fares.
The hard seats for hard working labourers
And softwood seats for normal working class
Segregating from the masses with two upper classes
They belong to managers and communist party rulers.

Which means adaptation of capitalist system cunningly
I wonder if the countryside is green, barren or hilly.
Even under communist rule, all living soils are holy.
Which feeds everyone: kings, communist, capitalist and their slaves.
Rules of life most times even the kings have to obey.