Heaven, earth and wild happy music
With a dancing lady in front of the church;
Altogether it is making me more eccentric
And with my philosophising life re-emerges.
For one more earthly, heavenly search
This is an ancient part of Venice,
Which makes me relax and gives me peace
Besides the dancing lady’s artistic tease.

Still, if I die whilst watching the sky,
So many things and my faith I will miss:
Who will for me forever cry?
The wild music, the church bell or the dancing lady
The promising life easily turns and begins to fade
What a pity people still calling it fate
There is, just maybe, coming back with a cry
But is it worth it just to have another try?
A little while, enjoy peace with the musical treat.
Harmonise yourself in to an earthly love with heartbeat.

Loving the life in front of the church cannot be a sin
Then suddenly the church bell rings.
No one understands its metallic tone
And it is noise lost in the wild, happy song.
People searching themselves, where they belong,
The front of the church with a soul-searching song.

Questions are so deep; answers are so shallow.
But how far can a real man go so low?
In an endless night under the moon’s shadow
Which may connect the man to the eternal fame.
Still people are happy with the dancing lady’s game.
Life, death, and heaven, all within a day,
God is the hope but no one likes to go away.