While watching the captivating fishes’ paradise
I was ready to write about the wonder of the Coral Sea.
In the airport’s waiting room in Delhi
Suddenly the aquarium light’s switched off.
My feeling vibrated and the magical fish coughed
In the dim of the darkness I lost the beauty of the Coral Sea.
Then I asked the receptionist, without light what would happen to me?

She said, “It is not my fault, we only use economical electricity
Why not use your imagination in the dark to see all beauty?”
My brain was confused, my feelings diffused,
Such a suggestion, how can I refuse?
The wonder of the Coral Sea makes me amused.
Whenever I get imagination I will definitely use.

But now, for the shallow Coral Sea, this makes up a song to sing,
I need meditation, deeper than the deepest sea to write a real thing.
When the poem is complete, I will throw it into the Coral Sea,
If humans and the heavens will not understand me,
Those living beauties in the Coral Sea will understand me.