I walk toward the church’s iron gate
I intended to check on my holly faith
Under the winter’s evening twilight
Watching seating and standing saint both side of the gate
Which gave me a strange feeling while saints are watching
Then, I realised that one saint slightly bend towards me
Under his dark grey clothing and his brownie face difficult to see
I thought the heavenly saint blessing me
Which gave me a hope my believing in god is fine
Saint is saint you cannot give him reward or take with you to dine
Beside there is no Saint is dying in hunger at the mystical divine
Therefore with the Saint you cannot get in twain
But this could be the great opportunity for me
I will pray under the twilight ask him that
Great Saint, give me more money as you know I am not funny
And help me to re-edit my immortal theme
As you are a great Saint and you already seen my reality
Which is people around me only they love hindering me
While I was thinking about all these earthly good things
Within the time of twenty seconds
Then suddenly Saint started shakes his plastic money box
Then, I started to realise this Saint is a hoax.

And who turn himself into a begging beggar
My holly pray and my money making dream didn’t go far
Should I hate beggar who deceived me by acting like Saint
Or through towards him a dirty ten pence and call down my tense
Which is in the reality what I normally gain
Rest of the my dream quietly stay in my brain
But next time I will be careful at the foray of the church
With seating, standing even the Bible reading Saint
For nothing I am not going to pray again.