A poem is nature, just like a blossoming tree.
A poem is a hobby like having morning tea.
It's a fish in a river, lake and sea
A poem is an addiction, which is deep in me.
It's not a technical thing with a code key

Nor in the computerised brain;
You cannot turn it on and off again and again.
Grammatical, mathematical terms are in vain.

You don't have to be bookishly smart,
Inspiration must come from the heart.
It is beauty coming from a natural feeling,
Not from shilly-shallying dealing
Nor from with one stone two birds killing.

A poem is just like a bird in a jungle tree,
The tree to hide the bird’s nest
While the birds are flying free.
Poetry is nature and a dream for the future,
If it saves itself from grammatical, mathematical butchers.

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