Heaven, earth and wild happy music
With dancing lady in front of the church;
Altogether it is making me more eccentric
And my philosophising the life re-emerges.
While I wander at the ancient part of Venice,
Which makes me relax and gives me peace.
It is helping me forget my old times menace.
Still, if I die while I am protesting the sky,
Who will miss me and for me a few days cry?
The wild music, church’s bell or dancing lady?
So many dreams will I miss:
The life is not for hate, but for love bliss.
There is, just maybe, coming back with a cry
But is it worth it just to have another try?
So, for a while, I keep peace with a musical kiss.
Then suddenly the church bell rings.
No one understands its metallic tone
And it is lost in the wild, happy song.
Questions are so deep; answers are so shallow.
But how deep, a real man can go low?
Why do people touch the truth with their elbow?
Be happy within limit of dancing lady’s game.
I would like a real thing, but questioning is a sin
Who will connect the searching man to eternal fame?

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