Dear Tony, how privileged I am to encounter a poet such as yourself - 

I am indeed less than 30yrs old - I'm surprised you guessed :)

I have great admiration for your poems - speaking as someone who resonates through the soul, when I put paper to pen, I can tell when the same things happen for others. I believe you are also the same and definitely have your own distinct style. Do you write Turkish poetry also?

I have been writing poetry on and off for 10 years - but to be honest, it was more or less off until 2 years ago :) Then I felt inspired and experienced a number of things, which led me to step inside myself. There I found a light that showed me a path into my innermost feelings. From there I have started. The manuscript is really a journey for me - more or less from this place. They are purely thoughts and were not intended as poetry. I hadn't really edited my thoughts in the past but I will now start.

I live in Woking - so we can definitely meet sooner than later, as I commute past Wimbledon everyday. Perhaps we could meet around Waterloo.

Thank you very much, for taking the time to review my work - It means a lot to me.

Best Regards

Ben William 

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