Dear Tony,

Thank you for sending through your poems and I apologise for the delay in replying.

I thought the Royal Ascot's Hats Race was, as you mentioned, an amusing and lively view of how an on-looker could interpret the scene.   I did not think it came over as offensive to royalty and the upper-class, in fact you have gone out of your way to be kind to the Queen! 

I can see why a lecturer would find it an ideal poem to read and discuss with students especially as it is topical at this time of year.

Although the title Royal Ascot's Hats Race could be grammatically correct I think we would normally say Royal Ascot Hat Race or Royal Ascot Hat Racing.

 Your poem has made me think and I will be looking with new eyes at Royal Ascot in future!

The other poem, Wonder of Karnak is lovely and also a poem which gives 'food for thought'. No doubt anyone reading it will be planning a visit there to see the wonder for themselves (as will I)!

Best wishes and good luck with your writing.

Irene Hamilton 

Best wishes

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